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Andrea Engineering Tests Laboratory (AELT) is one of the oldest private established testing and inspection laboratory in Iraq. It was established back in 1965 to provide, and carry out all kinds of civil engineering works and construction materials tests, as well as soil investigation and exploration with particular emphasis on concrete structure testing and evaluation. In addition to quality control in site and engineering consultant for projects in Iraq.

The laboratory is staffed by highly capable engineers and technicians, with a firm academic backgrounds and solid experience in their field. They are assisted by a number of field and lab technicians, who are, likewise, well experienced and highly qualified.

Through our five decades of experience, we have become well known in the Iraqi market, and can rightly claim that we are the most distinguished in civil engineer field.

Being the only private laboratory in its facilities in the country, Andrea has provided its experience and reliable services to the Iraqis public and private sectors, Arabic & International companies. By giving them an invaluable assistance in the successful completion on their projects with honesty, accuracy and efficiency at work.

We are confident that we can provide you with the best testing and inspection services, and would be most happy to help you with whatever tasks you may require, which would receive our utmost attention and care.

ANDREA Engineering Laboratory consist of six branches distributed in different parts of Iraq, the main central lab. Is Located in Baghdad and the other five branches are located in Wassit, Nasirriyah, Basra, Erbil and Sulaimaniyah governorates. Our shared bureau with International Vejro Labs. In Dubai-UAE.


It is a leading lab, domestically and regionally in the fields of soil investigations, engineering testing and quality control works for different projects and presenting an engineering and technical consultation.

The message

Help and support our clients to achieve their goals by presenting high quality, safe and friendly atmosphere to meet all their needs.

Our Values:

Professionalism, transparency, caring and confidence all of these features represented the policy of Andrea Lab. and this is the respectful way we deal with our customers and colleagues.
In order to achieve success in our work, we offer the reliable and accurate test results to our clients. This can be achieved by employing a dedicated staff of engineers, technicians and also by dealing with scientific and research institutions.
Our consultants and staff, represent different specialties and experience, as they hold different scientific degrees in their specialties such as (Prof., PhD, MSc. and BSc.).

What distinguished us?

  • Knowledge & experience in all the tests and the way they are executed.
  • Recruit of experienced staff in engineering, technical and management fields.
  • Apply local and international measurements, in executing woks and Lab. Tests.
  • Apply the requirements of Iraqi and international record specifications, in Experiments and Lab. Analysis.
  • Modern and accurate laboratory equipment, from reliable origins.

Laboratory structure.

In general, Andrea has more than 148 doctors, engineers, technicians & workers in their different sections and branches all over Iraq.
Andrea Lab. recently has got more than nine field labs in all over Iraq, as it executes quality control and all Lab. tests for important strategic mega projects in Iraq.
AELT consist of four mean sections such as: Technical section, consultant section administration section and financial section. Technical section divided into six departments such as: Geotechnical dep., Concrete dep., Asphalt dep., Constriction material dep., Chemical dep. and Survey dep.

Health, Safety and Environment:

Andrea's policy in the fields of health, safety and environment is linked directly to the administration of the Lab., who is keen to apply health, safety and environmental measures in the main branches of the Laboratory. AELT take care to train the staff on the regulations and required applications in order to achieve the unique application of the Lab's policy, which aims to restore general health and what concerned its staff too, and in order to prevent casualties, work accidents and keep environment clean.

Quality Standards :

The administration of the Lab. believes that application of the recorded measures in quality, is the unique path to achieve the goals of the Lab., and the continuation of its growth and successful to increase their client's base, besides its local and international partners.
The Lab. developed the administration and quality system in order to maintain the quality services and the quality product presented to the clients. Also, to authenticate record work procedure to meet the client's needs and to develop