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Our Laboratories are equipped with the latest tools and machines for soil and concrete
testing. This includes but not limited to:

  1. Full set of sieves.
  2. Shakers.
  3. Atterberg limits instruments.
  4. Unconfined compression test machine.
  5. Uni-axial and Tri-axial testing machines.
  6. Direct shear test machine.
  7. Consolidation testing machines.
  8. Plate bearing testing machines.
  9. Hydrometer testing sets.
  10. Full range of materials for soil and water chemical testing with special laboratory.
  11. On site and laboratory CBR testing machines.
  12. Standard and Modified Proctor testing machines.
  13. Pinhole testing equipments.
  14. Laboratory permeability testing equipments (Constant & Falling Head).
  15. Full range of Extruders.
  16. Full range of furnaces including those with up to 1200C°.
  17. Concrete cubes compression machine.
  18. Concrete moulds.
  19. Ultrasonic testing instrument.
  20. Schmidt rebound hammer test instruments.
  21. Concrete core extracting machines.
  22. Abrasion test equipment (Los Angles).
  23. Electrical soil resistivity test (Winner Method).